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Your Source for Quality Hearse Products for 20 Years

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Makers of
Landau Bars

Lexan Nameplates

G. Burns LLC supplies equipment and accessories to convert vans, suburbans, and SUVs to first-call cars and hearses. This allows you to buy a vehicle locally and convert it at a great savings.

    • Our mounting system requires no side panels,
      thus no blind spots are created.
    • No drilling required, so your vehicle won't be damaged.
    • Easily removed or replaced in minutes.

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G. Burns LLC offers casket slide strips and other floor parts to convert your vehicle economically. One of our interior packages was installed in a fire truck, so it could be used in funeral processions ( click here for pictures of the fire truck).

G. Burns LLC
Anna, OH

Email: gburnsllc@gmail.com

Cell Phone: (937) 210-4805

U.S. Sales Only

Business Hours
Monday-Friday 9:00 am - 5:00 pm Eastern Time

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